Luxe Be Me 3 Plug Review

I’ve been inducted into an affiliate program with one of my most favorite retailers, Peepshow Toys. Pop the champagne y’all, this is a cause for celebration! I’ve been a fan of Peepshow ever since their Prism 69 sale and I’m jazzed to be working with them. In addition to allowing me to join their affiliate program, Peepshow was gracious enough to send me this plug to review, so I feel extra grateful to them. I was pleasantly surprised to receive all of these in the same box where I purchased my lubes after one bad night where I had a reaction to the GCL’s Almost Naked formula. Eagerly I grabbed my prize, the Luxe Be Me 3 plug and set to work testing and retesting it to ensure I could be thorough in my review. And now I can tell you without a doubt: this toy has not been worth the effort.

The look of the Be Me 3 is very promising. It has a simple, but adorable design featuring beads that graduate in size and has a gentle curve. The texture of the toy is smooth and nearly suede-like in texture, a pleasant matte finish silicone that takes to lube well. My plug came in black, which I appreciate, though it also comes in pink if you prefer something more vibrant. The toy is flexible and the base makes sense, a smaller base would present concerns about retrievability. It’s also fairly inexpensive for those among us who are wallet conscious, as it only costs $14, a sensible price. With a max insertable length of 4.25 inches and a max girth of 1.25 inches, this proves to be a non-intimidating plug that, at least in appearance, would serve as a warm up plug and would be great for training the butt.

The Luxe Be Me 3. Too bad it was a bust.

But in spite of the body safeness and beginner measurements of the Luxe Be Me 3, I can’t get behind it. There’s no use beating around the bush: I don’t like this plug AT ALL. If you take nothing else away from this review, then I want you to know: it’s just too damn difficult to use and doesn’t provide enough reward. This plug is too flexible to get in my ass unless I grip the bead I’m trying to insert and push it in. When I’ve attempted to grip the base to insert it, the Be Me 3 slips off my asshole and attempts to penetrate my vagina instead or jabs me in the perineum. And so, muttering dark oaths and mumbling phrases of frustration, I resign myself to gripping the bead that I want to insert and pushing it into me. The bead is caked in lube to help with insertion, but since the lube is where I need to grip, it inevitably leads to my grip slipping off the bead. This problem was partially solved thanks to the placement of a mirror, making my aim a little better, but difficulties still persisted. Perhaps if I had my partner insert the beads in my ass it’d be more fun, but alone you’re bound to run into some frustration.

When I find that I finally do get the Luxe Be Me 3 in my ass, I’m not rewarded with any mind-blowing sensations for my effort. It hangs out in my ass just fine, but the beads inhabiting me don’t really add anything extra. The base is long and trustable so I’m not worried about losing them, but it’s not a noteworthy sensation. Perhaps because the beads are so light weight and aren’t particularly girthy that I feel so unimpressed by them. It’s pleasant enough to be sure, but after my struggle with them, I’d hoped for something more. Removing them, at least at this point in my anal exploration, isn’t really the orgasmic experience I’d hoped for. Perhaps because my ass clings to every bead for dear life. Perhaps because these beads are just lackluster.

As with all silicone, cleaning the Be Me 3 is a snap. Spritz it with bleach, boil it in water, toss it in the dishwasher on a rinse cycle, all of these are fine for the Be Me 3. If you’re not going to use it vaginally, a simple soap and water cleaning works out just fine. Though if you have mishaps like me and possess a vagina, then bleach is well worth considering to make sure you’re not passing bacteria from your butt to your vagina.

This is a toy that is an exercise in patience, except that the patience won’t be rewarded with anything more than moderate anal pleasure. Someone with a more zen-like disposition is perhaps suited to this toy, or perhaps just someone who is flexible and has access to a mirror to figure out how this toy is going to go in their ass. If you’ve got the whole day for a lazy wank and are very into the idea of training your butt this way, it might be for you. But if you’re looking for something a little more immediately gratifying, I’d turn you to a more conventional plug like the Njoy Pure Plug.

This toy was provided to me in exchange for my honest review. Thanks Peepshow Toys, I love y’all to death.

NJoy Pure Plug Medium Review

Pure Plug 82618I am someone who loves anal…in theory. What this means is, I often find myself getting off thinking getting my ass stretched, but in reality, my ass is just a little bit more er…up tight. It takes a lot of warm up for me to start enjoying anal and sometimes I have trouble with even the smaller plugs. As someone who wants to be a comprehensive slut, finding something comfortable for anal has been something of a challenge. When I read good reviews about the NJoy Pure Plugs I became intrigued. Weighty but easy to insert? Comfortable? Pleasurable? I often looked at them on websites, thinking of how it would feel to own my own. The stats seemed to be in my favor: The plug was 2.5 inches wide and 1.25 inches at the widest point. Fairly un-intimidating. So I watched for an opportunity, and when the sale was right, I snapped one up.

Well they were right. This is a story about how I finally found a plug that doesn’t feel like it wants to tear my ass apart, feels deliciously weighty, has a base that makes sense and most of all, makes me understand why people love butt plugs. But as it turns out, I had to learn to love the Pure Plug, as it took a few tries to understand the hype.

Attempt #1

The day my boyfriend leaves I am sad. I also have a friction burn on my vagina. Still wanting to masturbate in some way, I think of the Pure Plug that my boyfriend didn’t love. I wonder then if it would work for me. I head to the bedroom, lube up my fingers and get ready to warm up. But I feel my body resist the penetration. I feel pain around the entrance, like I usually do when I’m not into it. I roll my eyes, trying to get my butt to cooperate. I lube up the toy and try to insert it. Failure, it feels like being prodded in the butt. It’s uncomfortable. I get irritated and move to the smallest plug that I own, something no larger that my own index finger. Again, failure. It felt like being prodded in the ass. My body won’t relax enough to accept anything back there and I finally listen to it and relent. In the back of my mind I feel a little ashamed, I know other reviewers can fit the medium size no problem. But then, the other reviewers would tell me to listen to my body and not force it. So I leave it alone and I don’t jerk off.

Attempt #2

This time, I am determined to get the plug into me. And this time, I’m actually turned on enough to want some kind of penetration. I lay down on the bed and this time when I try to warm up, I don’t feel immediate rejection. Things are actually pleasurable this time. Hopeful, I lube up the Pure Plug and try again. It takes a minute, with me easing the plug in and out, but at last I triumph. The Pure Plug slides into place and a wave of satisfaction rolls over me. Oh yes. I spend a minute savoring the feeling, clenching around it. It’s not uncomfortable. My butt actually likes the Pure Plug there. This is a new feeling for me, as most plugs have left my ass with an uncomfortably full feeling, despite my efforts. I spend time luxuriating in the fact that I got this admittedly sort of petite plug in my ass. I wear it for hours, enjoying the weight of it in my butt. I sit and work on my other posts with the Pure Plug in my butt, feeling very much like a proper sex blogger. The base doesn’t agitate my butt cheeks, and when the base is nudged, my nerves light up. Later, I masturbate with it in and it’s a wonderful, full bodied orgasm when combined with the Mystic Wand.

Attempts #3+

Every time after, I’ve been successful with the Pure Plug. While it’s not been a plug I can slip in instantaneously, it has gotten easier over time. I’ve mainly worn it around the house, feeling it in me as I make coffee, write emails and browse Twitter. It’s like the Pure Plug reminds me I have a butt in the most pleasant way. In masturbation, it’s a fun accessory, and gently jiggling the handle provides thrilling stimulation to an anal newbie like myself. As someone who wants to love anal but has a lot of difficulty with it, I think this is going to be the plug that gets me into it more comfortably. I would highly recommend this as a first plug for it’s petite size, smart design and excellent base. And also because stainless steel is just a beautiful sex toy material.

You can find the Pure Plugs of all sizes at Peepshow Toys, and as of 8/26 they’re having a 20% off sale on them, along with some other fantastic toys! Go stuff your orifices with some gorgeous stainless steel!